We offer a fixed price agreement for safety services for our clients' fleets, which covers services in virtually any port worldwide where stations or technicians are available.

The advantage of having a fixed price agreement is that it allows the shipping company to budget yearly costs for safety servicing in advance. As we all know, budgeting for these services especially for annual Life Raft inspections can be very difficult.

We offer a fixed fee per vessel to carry out all annual / bi annual safety services. The fixed fee is invoiced to the customer on a quarterly basis for the fleet as a whole.

The fixed fee includes the CO2 System / Halon / BA Sets / EEBDs / BA Compressors / Medical Oxygen / Fire Extinguishers and Life Rafts. We also allow for all the Life Raft re-placements so that you have a lump sum fee per Life Raft with no extras and transport charges.

If requested, we can also include Immersion Suits / Life Jackets / SARTS / EPIRBS / Pyrotechnics / Heat & Smoke Detection.
Overtime can be kept separate, or we can build in an element of overtime into the fixed yearly fee.

Online Tracking - SCMP

As part of the agreement, we also keep track of which services have been carried out and give the customer advance notice of services due the following year. We have an online facility to enable our customers to see clearly services carried out & pending. This also gives access to certificate copies for the completed services. (Certificate Tracking Section)

The big advantage for our customers is that they can make a yearly safety budget for each vessel and avoid "surprise invoices".